Jewelry Trends to Know in 2019

Posted by Aneela Nasir on

We hope you’re all set to welcome maximalist jewelry. If you paid close attention to spring 2019 runways, you might have received the hint that all larger-than-life accessories are making a comeback. More good news: ahead, a roundup of jewelry trends to know in 2019. Read on. Chain link Necklaces Chain-link necklaces aren’t new age-y. Remember the 80’s where LL Cool J nailed heavy gold Dookie chains? Now that we’re in the second month of 2019, know this: Chunky chain link necklaces are on the rise. Chunky, layered up, a mix of large and small links … there are plenty...

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Home Decor Ideas for Living Room

Posted by Nasir Mehmood on

You spend a good bit of time in the living room, so it not only needs to look inviting, but it needs to be functional and relaxing. Infusing all three things may seem impossible, but we’ve got some ideas to make the impossible possible. Cool Colors For the record, a lot can go wrong if the paint color doesn’t jell with the decor theme and layout. Matchy-matchy and the edgy color palette are 2018. 2019 is all about optimistic greens, earthy terracotta, millennial pink, almost-whites and more. And if you want cool color combos to add more visual interest, try...

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