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You spend a good bit of time in the living room, so it not only needs to look inviting, but it needs to be functional and relaxing. Infusing all three things may seem impossible, but we’ve got some ideas to make the impossible possible.

Cool Colors

For the record, a lot can go wrong if the paint color doesn’t jell with the decor theme and layout. Matchy-matchy and the edgy color palette are 2018. 2019 is all about optimistic greens, earthy terracotta, millennial pink, almost-whites and more. And if you want cool color combos to add more visual interest, try your hands at Bright Berry + Deep Mustard, Neon Yellow +Turquoise + Slate Gray, Copper + Teal, or Kelly Green + Bright Red.

Aqua in combination with hues of orange and blue is another popular combination that promises dreamy and soothing canvas for the living room.

Let the furniture float

Establish furniture islands if you have a spacious living room rather than creating L’s and U’s. But if you have square footage limitation, go for U-shaped or flanked seating arrangement. And yes, no bulkier modular sofas or love-seat in small living area; armchairs, please.  Not only do they take small space but add charm and fluidity to your small living room.

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Creative Illumination

Be it natural or artificial, lights tie everything together to create a warm ambiance. Glass chandeliers look gorgeous in living rooms with high ceiling and minimal wall art whereas elegant lanterns or modern pendant lights hung in a group can cheat the eyes. A great pair of wall-mounted sconces can also be used to highlight the architectural and decor elegance. Don’t like to hurt the ceilings and walls? Bring in floor lamps!

Don’t neglect the dead corner

Not all dead corners are meant to be untouched. So, how do you transform it into an inviting spot? How about setting up a reading corner, a corner fireplace or a wall mounted floating shelf? What’s your thought on a mini bar set up at the empty dead corner in your living room? Think it over! 

Bring in Boho Vibes

At some point or another, we bet you’ve come across copious prints, layers on layers, vintage metallics, worn woods or rumpled fabrics balancing the living room. Turns out, there’s a name for them: BOHEMIAN or BOHO-CHIC. And, if you prefer an eclectic but free-flowing living room, boho-chic has many choices in the store. But remember to bring accent pieces that blend well with the other home decor items in the living room.

Mix and Match

When it comes to decorating the living room, don’t play by the rules. One focus – a relaxing go-to spot; many ways – play up the classic with contemporary, weave together warm and cool tones, break up the floor-furniture monotony or intermingle large patterns with small prints in similar shades.

Wall Arts

Paintings look good but an innovative wall art looks better on the living room wall. Symmetrical grid wall arts, pressed botanicals, seasonal hoops, typography wall art etc. are few options to add a sense of uniqueness.

Don’t like wall arts? How about a farmhouse-themed rustic Barnwood mirror?


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