Jewelry Trends to Know in 2019

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We hope you’re all set to welcome maximalist jewelry. If you paid close attention to spring 2019 runways, you might have received the hint that all larger-than-life accessories are making a comeback.

More good news: ahead, a roundup of jewelry trends to know in 2019. Read on.

Chain link Necklaces

Chain-link necklaces aren’t new age-y. Remember the 80’s where LL Cool J nailed heavy gold Dookie chains? Now that we’re in the second month of 2019, know this: Chunky chain link necklaces are on the rise. Chunky, layered up, a mix of large and small links … there are plenty of ways to rock this edgy fashion trend.

Seashell Jewels

When was the last time you wore shells on the necklace? Back in the ’90s? Fast forward to 2019: the Insta feeds and Spring runways clearly indicate shells are making a comeback – in many stylish variations like chokers, earrings, cuff, necklace, and more. Rosie Assoulin’s Red Corkscrew Shell Earrings or Dolce & Gabbana’s gold shell earrings – which one goes first into your seashell jewelry collection, this year?

Half-moon hoop earrings

Hoops still in fashion? Of course, but with chunkier and bulkier shape! If you're headed out and love to call more attention to your pretty face, wear crescent-hoop earrings. Valentino and Ulla Johnson model have already shown how to rock the half-moons. Your turn now!

Gemstone Clusters

We’ve been waiting for eye candy colors for so long…and, finally, they’re here – the rainbow gemstone clusters! Think a stack of deepest sapphires and subtle morganites, next time you go for jewelry shopping. Trust us, the gemstones look even gorgeous together.

Open cuff necklace

As edgy jewelry, choker still reigns supreme but fashion-forward gals are all for open cuff necklace. Exuding feminine vibes, we’ve seen how this choker’s cousin took the center stage when Fendi and Dior introduced them (We’re in love with Fendi’s blue-green-orange enamel jewelry).

Feel Fresh Florals

Spring and summer without flowers – Nah, not possible! So, here’s another trend we’re going to see more and more in 2019 - larger-than-life floral earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. A little extravagant, a lot ‘floral’, daisies and other floral cuts are all set to shake Insta feeds up.

Chunky Rings

Layering delicate rings is a thing of the past. We saw chunky geometric metal rings becoming increasingly sought after in the spring/summer runways.

Logo Jewelry

And you thought the logo trend is over long back? Nope, it is still going strong and shows no signs of fading. In fact, it just entered in the accessory department. The intricate logo jewelry was explicit at Chanel, with yellow bracelets and multi-chain necklaces boasting the name. What’s more, Dior and Balenciaga have also made their presence in the ‘logo’ game.

Chunky Bracelets

For the ones who don’t like piling and stacking bracelets anymore! The chunky bracelets made from a solid plastic piece or embellished with colored stones catches more eyeballs. Need proof? Wear a clear, chunky bracelet over the long-sleeved top and see for yourself.

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