• MULTI-FUNCTIONAL HEADS FOR INDIVIDUAL NEED: Microcrystalline probe / Oval probe / Small size circular form probe / Big size circular form probe. According to your skin needs, you have 4 different functional heads to choose from.
  • 5 STRENGTH LEVELS: The device provides 5 strength levels so as to meet your skin need better. You can change the suction level according to your skin type and different facial areas .
  • PORE DEEP CLEANING: Different from traditional way, only clean the skin surface, the device can completely suck out blackhead、acne、comedo、greese and other dirty things inside pore.
  • BLACKHEAD REMOVER: Remove blackhead thoroughly and gradually, especially by Microcrystalline probe. After using it for a period of time , you will find your skin is getting better and better.
  • USB CHARGING: Environmentally friendly and convenient. It's handy to charge it whenever and wherever possible with the charging time less than 3 hours,and without the need for frequent battery replacements.

USB Rechargeable Blackhead Remover with 5 Adjustable Levels

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