5 in 1 Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit




Ultimate Cleaning Kit for Your Gadgets

1. Perfect for Every Keyboard:

Say goodbye to dust and crumbs cluttering your keyboard! Our 5-in-1 Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit is designed to keep your keyboard spotless. The soft bristles effectively sweep away dust and debris from between the keys, ensuring a clean and smooth typing experience. Whether you’re working on your computer or gaming late into the night, this cleaning kit is your ultimate companion for maintaining hygiene and prolonging the lifespan of your keyboard.

2. Effortless Earbud Cleaning:

Your favorite earbuds deserve the best care, and our kit delivers just that. With the included Earbuds Cleaner for AirPods Pro 1 2 3 Bluetooth Earphones, you can easily remove earwax and dirt buildup from the crevices of your earbuds. Maintain crystal-clear sound quality and hygiene with minimal effort. Keep your music sounding crisp and your earbuds looking brand new with our convenient cleaning tools.

3. Protect and Preserve Your Gadgets:

Investing in high-quality gadgets comes with the responsibility of proper maintenance. Our Keycap Puller ensures the gentle removal of keycaps without causing any damage to your keyboard. No more struggling with stubborn keycaps or risking damage to your device. With our cleaning tools, you can protect and preserve your gadgets for long-lasting performance and enjoyment.

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Weight 0.036 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 1 cm


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